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Remanufactured Rosemount¨ 3051CG Coplanar Gage Pressure Transmitter - Pressure range: -300 to 300 psi Completely remanufactured unit. Full 2-year service warranty from date of installation. - 3051CG4A02A1AH2B1M5E5T1 - Buy Kunkle valves online


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3051 Series SMART® Transmitters are offered in a variety of configurations for differential, gauge, liquid-level, flow and specific gravity measurement applications.

This configuration:

Connection type: Coplanar gage pressure transmitter.

Measurment type: Gage Pressure

Pressure range: 0-10 to 0-300 psi

Output: 4-20 mA, HART® Protoco

Process Flange Type: Alternative flange, 316SS,

O-Ring: Glass-filled Teflon

Mounting Bracket: Traditional Flange Bracket for 2" Pipe, CS Bolts

LCD Meter

Transient Protection

Full 2-year service warranty from date of installation.

*Custom configurations available. Contact us for Quote.